2019 Trip to Israel Testimony 
-- Jamee

Israel, the Holy Land. The Houston group was the first to land at the airport.
We didn’t have a ride to the hotel, so we decided to wai    Read More

2016 Israel Testimony/Reflections 
-- Ruth Yan

When we first landed in Tel Aviv, my mom turned to me and asked, “Doesn’t the air feel different here?” “Mm nope,” I promptly answered.
W    Read More

Life Changing -- ON PURE LOVE 
-- Madame Guyon

The Lord hath made all things for Himself (Prov. xvi. 4), says the Scripture; everything belongs to Him, and He will never release his right    Read More

Life Changing -- ON HUMILITY 
-- Madame Guyon

What a mercy is humiliation to a soul that receives it with a steadfast faith! There are a thousand blessings in it for ourselves and for ot    Read More

Conference Sharing 7 
-- Watchman Nee

       Thus, in Satan’s hands, the first creation has become the old creation, and God’s primary concern is now no longer with that but with a   Read More